Sandro Razciel

  • GENRE: Alternative
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  • Saturday June 7th
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Sandro is an experienced Orange County guitarist, bassist, ukeleleist, and songwriter. Born in Mexico City and raised in Fullerton, CA.  Sandro Razciel fell in love with music in his teens and ever since has dedicated his life to it. A professional musician, songwriter and music Instructor  whose goal is to show the world the magic of music in hopes of making a positive impact in people lives. He graduated from the music program at Fullerton Junior Collage and then went on to study at Cal State Fullerton for a couple of semesters. He studied under amazing studio and session musicians such as Mitch Holder, Joe Jewell, Mike Scott, John Caterino and Joseph Morton. Sandro activly plays in various groups with a wide range of music styles all over California.  There’s no end to his talent and vision. Be sure to follow him on his journey through life and music!

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